What Is The CISS And How Does It Work ?

CISS System has become one of the most interesting inventions on the market that isused in inkjet printers. This continuous feed inkjet printers through a storm system that are connected to external tanks, these tanks with a capacity of 100 ml … so very hard to be consumed quickly.

The system reduces up to 95% of printing costs, in a word is very beneficial for those whooften use the printer. Connecting the tank is very simple, you have an example video belowto understand how and why this system is beneficial.

Print quality is not lost in any way after I installed the system, more than that this book is also never dry, so the risk of damage there.

The package comes with installation and operating instructions in English / French /German. In addition, the site offers video tutorials step English / French / German explainstep installation process. Note, the printer will be permanently changed after installing theCISS and you can come back anytime to use regular cartridges, although we believe thatyou will not need to do this. CISSmarket.com CISS provide high quality systems.

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