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joi, 30 august 2018

Our personal rose garden

Ever since we moved into our new house I wanted to have a rose house. I have seen a rose garden in one of our trips to France and since then I always wanted one. So, after making sure we can handle this investment, we went on searching where to buy roses online.

So me and my husband found this very interesting online store called Famous Roses, that had their headquarters in Romania. The shop sells French breed roses by Delbard and Meilland Richardier.

Famous Roses has vast variety of rose plant divided in different categories:

l  Climbing Roses; these roses usually grow to height that vary from 1.9 m to 3m in height
l  Creme de la Creme Roses; the category is reserved for the roses that are most appreciated by their customers
l  Hybrid Tea; the roses that make excellent tea
l  The Most fragrant roses category is usually reserved for plants with an unique perfume;
l  The Romanian collection; these are roses that have been breed in Romania by Stefan Wagner

Since the list was so big we decided that we will buy 2 of every rose breed so we end up with a diverse garden.

Placing the order and making the payment was relatively easy, because Famous Roses has a simple platform that can be accessed by everyone.

Even though the store is based in Romania the official currency on their website is the Euro, so all their customers can order without any problems.

I am very pleased with the roses we received from Famous Roses as they look better in reality than they look on the their website.

The transportation was free because our order was bigger than 139 euro, and Famous Roses offers  free delivery for orders bigger than that.

Famous Roses is the shop where I like spending time in order to find the newest products. High quality standards and very good communication with their customers!

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